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You Don't Educate Your Rep - You Replace Your Rep

Had an interesting phone call today.

"Is this Brett - you worked with Dwayne Stovall?"
"Yep - that's me."
"Where does he stand on nullification?"
"I'm pretty sure that anytime Texas tells the federal government to fly a kite, he's all about it."
"Well, we need to educate people about nullification."
"You realize," I said, "that until the Texas state legislature grows a spine, nullification of anything will never happen - right?"
"That's why we need to educate them."
"That will never happen either with our current reps in office."
"What? Why do you say that?"
"Who's your state representative?" I asked. He told me. "How much did you contribute to his campaign to get him elected?"
"I didn't."
"Have you talked to him about nullification?"
"He won't take my phone calls."
"That's exactly my point. You didn't get him into office - those who paid for the marketing of his campaign got him into office, and that's not you, so he listens to those people, but not to you."
"Well, I voted for him."
"Of course you did - you're a Republican and he's a Republican, so he knows you'll vote for him."
"But he should listen..."
"Yep," I agreed. "He should. But he likely won't."
"So how do we get him educated about nullification?"
"You don't. You replace him. For example, who do you know who is resolute about standing for Texas in your district?"
"Well, I wouldn't bend."
"Great - then primary him and you represent your district."
"I don't think now is the right time for me."
"No, but it's probably the right time for Texas. Unless you don't think we need to support nullification now..."
"But if we educate the legislature -"
I cut him off. "Like I said - that won't happen. Let it go. If you don't replace him, you're stuck with a representative who won't take your phone calls. That's your choice."
I then explained the $25 a month plan and explained how that can work. I then asked him if he knew 350 patriots in his county.
"I do. Sure."
"Then raise $100K for the primary and find his replacement if it's not you. Can you afford $25 a month?"
"Well, sure."
"Can you find 349 others?"
"I guess."
"Then you know what to do. You have about two months to find someone."
"Shouldn't we educate the public about the nullification?"

At which point I sighed and wished him well with his agenda.

The first step is to find the challenger. The second is to fund them. The third is to enact the agenda through your representative. You can't take the third step without taking the first and second.

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