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What Role Will You Serve?

I could be coy and say "If America and Texas were under attack right now, and it needed people to defend it, would you?" But I won't because if you're reading this, you know that right now a relative handful of elitists attack our way of life, our property, our rights, and the future of our children.

Throughout history, when a way of life was threatened, people set aside their lives to commit to saving it for their families.

They might have played the role of soldiers, willing to sacrfice their lives.

Or they might have been Rosie the Riveter. Or Harriet Tubman, coordinating freedom for hundreds while risking her own life.

You are in a war. Right now.

You didn't ask for it. You didn't seek it. You don't want it, even as you read this. But you are in it.

So the question is, "What role will you serve, if you choose to fight?"

I said recently that I was thinking a lot about how to find candidates for office.

Ours is a system of peaceful elections. You might suggest that elections are riddled with fraud and somehow rigged. I would reply that 1 in 3 Texas House Republicans lost their primary in 2014. The very moneyed and powerful Eric Cantor lost.

If you choose to wage war in peaceful elections, and win, then you only have a few roles from which to choose that have any effectiveness.

- Candidate, the most powerful and effective role
- Fundraiser, which helps market the candidate's campaign
- Networker, reaching out beyond your normal circle to find more and more voters

It's relatively easy to find networkers, and somewhat easy to find those willing to set aside money monthly to help good candidates later. But none of it means anything if there are relatively few candidates who step forward.

If you're reading this far in, then you know that this battle is underway. You would be the reluctant warrior for Texas and for the people - but this is a time of need like never before in your lifetime. And isn't that the type of candidate that we want?

Will you serve the fight as a candidate?

What office you choose is irrelevant... but that you choose one is everything.

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