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Velocity of Money

You might never have heard the phrase "velocity of money," but it's a description of how the economy works. The more attractive and popular a good or service is, the more money will naturally flow faster toward it.

Apple products? Great velocity of money with millions of easy sales where customers wait in line for the product to become available.

Chevy Volt? Do you even know anyone who owns one? And this despite many incentives to purchase one... they almost can't give it away.

If you like the idea of the free market, then you intuitively understand the "velocity of money." We expect business owners to pitch and position their products to attract greater and greater velocity of money, and you loathe the idea that someone would make you buy something - right?

There is no velocity of money toward mandatory purchases: driver's licenses, taxes, and Obamacare, for example.

Then you might understand my revulsion when I see our candidates and grassroots leaders badmouth voters who don't "get" what they're pitching and positioning to the electoral market. For whatever reason, when there is no natural attraction toward their campaign or political initiative it's because it lacks "velocity." Those pitching it haven't figured out how to tilt the landscape gravity of the market toward them yet.

Usually, I identify those who are stuck in this problem by their use of dismissive phrases like "sheeple."

So as a hint: posting pictures of aborted fetuses is not attractive. Protests are not attractive. Criticizing the voters who voted for a candidate who believes in big government is not attractive.

You might be right, but you won't gain the numbers you need to win - and worse, your "product" will likely fail in the electoral marketplace.

You don't get velocity by coercion. You get velocity by reducing the barriers to entry, by minimizing friction, and by making it fun and empowering. Apple doesn't browbeat its customers. It doesn't have to.

Reagan was the "happy warrior." He won, but only after losing a few times. It didn't deter him, and he kept improving his product along the way. So let's be like that.

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