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For what it's worth, here's my upcoming speaking schedule:

January 27: Burleson, TX (Maggie Clopton Wright)
February 10: San Angelo, TX (Chris Younts)
February 12: Cisco, TX (Ruth York)
February 19 (11 AM): Cypress, TX (Ann Pavalock)
February 19 (6:30 PM): Bryan, TX (Pamela A. Praesel)

The topic of all of these presentations is "How to Create a Revolution." I explain how a person can do two simple activities once per month and change every election in which they participate.

If you follow me, you know that the two activities are:

1) Save money each month to give to a good candidate later
2) Talk to one person you know each month whom you don't know will vote

Over a year, you will give more than you normally do and talk to more people than you normally do. For every nine voters, had a tenth voter joined them and voted Republican in 2008 and 2012, Obama wouldn't be president. Five states would have swung Republican and the electoral college numbers would have been different.

If you know a group where I might be welcome to discuss this, let me know. I'm happy to travel wherever I'm invited. My goal is to get as many people doing this as possible.

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