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TEXIT Requires Ballot Revolution First

I spoke last night to a group of people who want to pursue Texas independence. That's on many minds today.

No matter what path you take to arrive there, you need the majority of Texans behind the movement. Doing it with violence won't accomplish that.

That leaves ballots. And I will tell you, there is no representative in the Texas legislature who will write that bill. They see it as political suicide. Straus would never allow it to come for a vote if it was written.

So if that's your goal, the only way to get that done is to put representatives in the legislature. You find and fund those who don't give a crap about committee assignments and who have the spine to take a stand for what they believe.

So imagine for a moment... what if ten people across the state were running for office who had the chief plank of Texas independence... those people would draw a lot of attention and a lot of money.

If independence is your goal, that's the fastest and surest way to get there. And everything I've been talking about will accomplish that.

So in short - you find and fund the candidates you want for office. That is our path to freedom, whether in the union or out.

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