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Sell the Improvement of Life

If you didn't know that your fight for freedom made you a marketer, read this from the book, Guerrilla Marketing for Non-Profits:

"Changing the world comes with a lot of communication decisions. How will you get the word out about your ideas? How will you change the way people think, act, and believe? What can you do to attract more people to help you in your cause?

"There are hundreds of thousands of other organizations and businesses right now making their move to attract the eyes and ears of the people on planet earth, too. For-profit companies spend an average of $895 per year per capita on advertising to get the attention of the same people you want to reach.

"It may not be encouraging to know that you need to learn about marketing, but you may not have realized that that your decision to change the world is also a marketing decision. Take the time to master guerrilla marketing. Marketing is everyone's job in a non-profit. You need to coordinate your messages, programs, and strategies into a cohesive brand."

It's a worthwhile read. Consider that, so far, the tea party's marketing and brand management has not been "We care and can improve our way of life" but rather protests which shout "Government sucks." And while both are true, we will not attract more people to the cause until people think of the former much more than the latter about grassroots organizations.

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