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Prepare to Win

I am an avid reader. The smartest people have written books that allow me to know their expertise and experience.

I chose to showcase these books out of my library to highlight a key point: if you're tired of failing, study what works to help move you forward. I've read these books shown below, but I frequently thumb through them to rekindle my thinking and catalyze new thoughts.

All of us want influence with others. In politics, you want it with your representatives and with your fellow voters. Your representative likely has a personal agenda from which they cannot be dissuaded.

So you turn to angle for influence among voters and among those within your circle.

The second picture, from Gitomer's "Little Green Book of Getting Your Way." It says:

"Your friendliness combined with the passion and conviction of your self-belief allows your presentation to be positively received."

Friendly and confident always opens doors.

If there was one book I would recommend to candidates before running for office, it's that one. His Little Red Book of Selling is also a gem.

Battle preparation for winning... because there is no second place when it comes to freedom.

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