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No Labels

The moderates for bigger government are getting more organized. "No Labels" is John Huntsman's group. His director for the group is a former Clinton staffer, Nancy Jacobson.

I post their monthly report below because the grassroots in Texas needs to be at least this organized, and while it's slowly coming together, it's not as cohesive and targeted as this fledgling group - which is one of many working for influence in DC. We have a lot of work ahead. We don't have time to wait.

Their report:

I wanted to give a progress report on our work this past month:

National Strategic Agenda: We are in full swing in having ready a prototype of the National Strategic Agenda for the end of January. We have been meeting regularly with Deloitte (our intellectual partner) to discuss ideas for education, energy, tax reform, immigration, budget, jobs, entitlements, regulatory reform and health reform. Once we have the "straw man" prototype, we will solicit and welcome comments, ideas and critiques.

Only four of the 71 Congressional Problem Solvers who got our seal of approval lost their elections! We awarded our seals to members running for Congress who believe in the process to create a National Strategic Agenda and the four specific goals of the agenda:

- Create 25 million new jobs over the next 10 years
- Balance the federal budget by 2030
- Secure Medicare and Social Security for another 75 years
- Make America energy secure by 2024

Following Election Day, we were thrilled to welcome Senator Joe Lieberman as new co-chair with Governor Huntsman of No Labels.

We had some terrific meetings in Iowa and New Hampshire as we look to get the National Strategic Agenda concept into the conversation for 2016. We are building terrific leadership in these two states and already have more than 100 leaders getting to work there.

This past December kicked off the first of its kind "Problem Solvers" strategy meeting on the National Strategic Agenda. We were joined by 35 Congressional Problem Solvers and 40 key leaders in the Capitol city. Our next meeting will be in January and focus on tax reform and infrastructure. We held our initial meeting at the Republican Club and will host the January meeting at the Democratic Club. We will rotate monthly between the two clubs.

We hosted a Problem Solver Congressional staff happy hour this month. We are creating lasting friendships between the Republican and Democratic staff that is essential in making the legislative process work.

We were invited to the freshman orientation at Harvard and were successful in recruiting many new members into the problem solving circle.

No Labels radio on Sirius P.O.T.U.S. XM continues to be a great platform for bringing national leaders together to discuss issues of the day under the problem solving mantle with Governor Huntsman.

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