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Never the LP

I read a lot of people talking third party. I'll be blunt.

I work hard and devote a lot of time to get people to see that saving money every month to market and elect the right candidates for office is smart and right.

I work harder yet to motivate them to list out and talk to people inside and outside of their sphere of influence to bring more voters with them.

The Republican party establishment could be easily overtaken if these two steps were employed. We have examples from history where these two steps work.

If you are unwilling to take these simple steps within an existing party, then understand that you overload by multiples the work required to get a third party marketed, trusted, on the ballot, candidates recruited for it, and voters to vote for it.

People are, by nature, lazy. They want to do as little work as possible to get the maximum benefit from it. That's how we got in this mess - we outsourced our liberty to politicians we didn't vigilantly oversee. Now we're paying the piper for being idiots.

Fair enough. But if you think a third party is a solution, then I don't think you've really thought this through or you just think that you want to make fighting for your freedom harder than it already is.

One other thing...

I've worked enough within the Libertarian party to know that unless you find endless idle debate fascinating and motivating, the LP is no home to someone seeking real change. They've been on the ballot in Texas since 1982 and just prior to the election, the LP held a grand total of 4 offices - one mayor and three city council positions. These offices represented less than 8,000 people in a state of over 26 million. Bewilderingly, the LP exerts extraordinary effort to do nothing at all to win an election. Winning election is just not their focus. The exception was Kathie Glass, and for her effort, her own party actually undervoted her.

I'll consider an LP candidate as a viable alternative when I see an LP candidate outwork me in my own activist efforts, but as a party it's no alternative and suffers just as much from fiefdom tyranny as our speaker races.

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