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It Can Work

I'm getting a lot of questions about the process of the $25 a month initiative and how it blends with Freedom Pools. If you've wondered about it, here's the flow of it:

1. During this time when you don't know what candidate you'll support, set aside $25 a month in a savings account or in a jar.
2. Urge as many people with integrity as you know to run for some level of office, even if it's precinct chair.
3. Grow your network to as close to 350 people as you can muster.
4. When a candidate does step forward, get with those doing this and see if they would like to present a simple agenda (2 or 3 items at most) to the candidate.
5. Have a single spokesperson for the group approach the candidate with the simple agenda and let the candidate know that a whole bunch of people want to contribute to the campaign, but only if the candidate agrees to the agenda and will issue a press release agreeing to the agenda when elected.
6. Upon issuance of the press release, get a copy into the hands of everyone in your group and have them individually and directly contribute to the candidate.
7. Continue to give your monthly contribution to the candidate until they win election.
8. You bring not only money to the candidate, but most importantly votes.
9. After election, if the candidate gets squishy on the agenda, get all of you up there with your press release and remind the representative that you brought them to office - you'll find their replacement too if they don't keep their word.
10. If they still break their word, publicly trounce them as a liar and let people know that you're looking for their replacement.

That's as close to a contract as we'll ever get with our elected reps, and that's why this will work. It has a historical basis and it's easy for us to do.

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