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Farm Team

Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting with Heidi Hansing, Tanya Robertson, H Scott Apley, and Dwayne Stovall discussing how to find candidates - creating a farm team, if you will.

In Texas, of the 28 primary challengers who went up against those in the Texas House, 9 succeeded. That's a 1 in 3 shot. With some early and strong organization and with solid fundraising (, a candidate truly has good odds.

Jeff Sadighi and Joe Evans and I discussed this a little bit as well. It's an area to which I want to devote a lot of thought. We need candidates who can step forward and who know how to stand strong for Texas and not for their burgeoning political career. We need people who want to repeal laws more than create laws.

I wish I could be there with everyone today at the Tea Party Patriots in TX training, but my client load is too great and requires my Saturday. I would have continued the conversations with these patriots.

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