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Smile and Sell
Want greater influence? People don't mind introducing you and your ideas to those they know when introducing you makes them look savvy for knowing you.

Smile and sell the freedom you want everyone to have....
Don't Make a Politician Your Hero
What do you think of this bill? I think it speaks to the danger of political celebrity and works to protect politicians from the anger of the people they represent.

If you read it, it says that if you interfere with a government official in any way from carrying out their job, you can be fined up to $5,000 and put in jail for at least six months up to five years.

Take a look...

"If any persons shall unlawfully combine or conspire together with the intent to oppose any measure or measures of the government of the United States, which are or shall be directed by proper autho...
To Avoid Ads
Most people don't know it but being an activist is just a hobby for me. I make my living writing very complex web sites and engaging in strategic marketing/business development, so I'm a bit of a geek.

Seeing a couple of posts about peoples' frustrations with Facebook, for what it's worth, here's how I avoid ads and giving all of my private information to FB.

I use Chrome with AdBlock for Facebook. I don't use Chrome for anything else. (My normal browser is Opera, which allows me very explicitly to control content on it.)

Facebook doesn't have a clue what I browse otherwis...
Love is Inconvenient
Fighting for freedom is never convenient. It's just necessary because you love your family far beyond the inconveniences required of you....
I Samuel 8
If you haven't read I Samuel 8 in a while, you might want to revisit it. I am greatly bothered by people who look for some political savior to rise up from among us and fight our battles for us. There is a lot of lesson to be learned in this passage, so for what it's worth, here's my slight paraphrasing:

Israel gathered together and came to Samuel. They said to him, "Appoint a king to lead us, like the other nations have."

This bothered Samuel, so he prayed to the Lord. And the Lord told him: "Listen, they do not reject you, but they reject me as their king - like they always do,...
Only Replacement
The following headline is on Drudge. To anyone paying attention, this comes as no surprise.

There is no "holding their feet to the fire."
There is no "pressuring them to do the right thing."

There is only replacing as many as refuse to represent, and you cannot replace any of them if you don't #FindAndFund the replacement.

Calling them names changes nothing. Replacing them changes everything. So get busy about it, if you want to change the direction we're going.

Teach a Generation to be Free
My friend, Jim Logan, shared something extraordinary that he worked on today. In it, he quotes John Jay, who said:

"Teach the rising generation to be free."

Which propels me to ask: I wonder how many parents will someday realize that they've misled their children by teaching them dependency?...
Create Positive Word of Mouth
American Sniper should inform you about a very simple fact.

Positive word of mouth can motivate the entire conservative base and beat the left by running rings around it.

Freedom... sell freedom. Celebrate the joy of smaller and smaller government.

Positive word of mouth coupled with monthly savings to pay for campaign marketing later = the very victory you seek. American Sniper reminds you that the majority of America wants to correct our current course....
Work Together
Agreed, Scott. Fighting right now gets us nowhere. Working together to find more to vote with us gets us everywhere and is more likely to help us nominate a person of whom we're proud to put forward, at every level of office....
You Don't Educate Your Rep - You Replace Your Rep
Had an interesting phone call today.

"Is this Brett - you worked with Dwayne Stovall?"
"Yep - that's me."
"Where does he stand on nullification?"
"I'm pretty sure that anytime Texas tells the federal government to fly a kite, he's all about it."
"Well, we need to educate people about nullification."
"You realize," I said, "that until the Texas state legislature grows a spine, nullification of anything will never happen - right?"
"That's why we need to educate them."
"That will never happen either with our current reps in office."
"What? Why do you say that?"
Only Donation Will Give You Winning Candidates
Saw this in a post:

"But as you well know, people who don't know better will vote for the name they recognize."

And I've heard this a lot in a campaign:

"You need to buy more TV and radio ads so that people know about [insert candidate name here]! They can't vote for him if they don't know who he is!"

Which is exactly why I've been trumpeting setting aside $25 a month. It's marketing money.

People will always say, "If you don't vote, you can't complain about who's in office."
More accurately, it's "If you don't pay for the campaign marketing, you can't com...
Are You Selling Freedom?
Marketing: every contact and interaction you and your group have with the public.

So think that through... are you selling the freedom for which you work and its benefits to everyone else?...
Successful Businesses Market Their Greatness, Not a Competitor's Lack of Value
Think of the last time you saw a business advertise itself by shouting how much its competitor sucked and needed to close its doors...

And now you know why protests have a very narrow reach and limited effect. Only if the media is on your side and gives you free airtime will a protest make an impression, and since the media will never be on our side with sympathetic coverage, protests haven't made us more free.

We need to market and pull people to us by attraction, not protest. What are we offering to improve the lives of our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, and others i...
Talk is Cheap
Sell the Improvement of Life
If you didn't know that your fight for freedom made you a marketer, read this from the book, Guerrilla Marketing for Non-Profits:

"Changing the world comes with a lot of communication decisions. How will you get the word out about your ideas? How will you change the way people think, act, and believe? What can you do to attract more people to help you in your cause?

"There are hundreds of thousands of other organizations and businesses right now making their move to attract the eyes and ears of the people on planet earth, too. For-profit companies spend an average of $895 per yea...
Don't Hillary

to be 'hillary' (verb) \\hil-ree\\
: to refuse a pursuit of truth and freedom behind an air of indifference, as in "What difference does it make?"...
Don't Work with Those Who Have Given Up
Here on Facebook, I market ideas for people who will never give up fighting for their freedom.

Not really concerned with those who have given up. They choose not to be free. They choose to let people like Obama and Hillary and Jeb Bush climb into seats of power.

I look for those who will work together to ensure that happens less and less....
Network to Find Patriots


1. Set aside money to give to the right candidate later.
2. Take someone whom you don't know will vote with you to lunch or coffee.

Be a patriot. Don't be Hillary....
Strive to Make a Difference
Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
Not My Leader
Lead Yourself
Going forward, I intend to push back very hard anytime I hear someone refer to a politician as a leader. We don't elect leaders. I lead myself. It's my life, and I'll direct it as I choose. You're an adult - you lead yourself.

We choose a representative to represent us in government, but we certainly will never choose our leader. Even the president is not to be a leader, but is simply there to execute law issued by the will of the people.

We the people are the leader, and even that "government" is to be as small as possible. There are no political heroes except us. We don't need ...
RINO is a Lousy Argument
I'm done with the term "RINO." Too much baggage. I prefer "poor representative" or "lousy representative." Less argument, more truth, and it avoids party squabbling....
Political Climate Change
25 a Month Club
The $25 a Month Club - makes me love Texas all the more......
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