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It Can Work
I'm getting a lot of questions about the process of the $25 a month initiative and how it blends with Freedom Pools. If you've wondered about it, here's the flow of it:

1. During this time when you don't know what candidate you'll support, set aside $25 a month in a savings account or in a jar.
2. Urge as many people with integrity as you know to run for some level of office, even if it's precinct chair.
3. Grow your network to as close to 350 people as you can muster.
4. When a candidate does step forward, get with those doing this and see if they would like to present a simpl...
Another Jar
Another jar for money to give to a good candidate later. God bless you, Sue :)

Patriot Jars

Rene Poe shared with me a picture of the $25 a month jars that her Hood County Tea Party made to present to its members.

That's how you do it.

Rene and other patriots like her who do this are my political heroes....
For what it's worth, here's my upcoming speaking schedule:

January 27: Burleson, TX (Maggie Clopton Wright)
February 10: San Angelo, TX (Chris Younts)
February 12: Cisco, TX (Ruth York)
February 19 (11 AM): Cypress, TX (Ann Pavalock)
February 19 (6:30 PM): Bryan, TX (Pamela A. Praesel)

The topic of all of these presentations is "How to Create a Revolution." I explain how a person can do two simple activities once per month and change every election in which they participate.

If you follow me, you know that the two activities are:

1) Save money each month...
Do You Have a Jar?

This morning, I met for coffee with Diane Leaverton, Craig Roberts, and Carol Dean - who brought her Save Money Save Texas jar with her.

Many, many people are adopting this very simple approach to fundraising - setting aside money every month to give to a good candidate later. The 2016 primary is already underway and we have no time to waste as the incumbents who need to be challenged are already racing around the track.

God ble...
1 Out of 450

I believe that half of the people you want ousted in the Texas legislature can be replaced in 2016.

Would you like that? Would you be willing to do what it takes to do that?

Fact: 1 in 3 Republican challengers who ran in the primary in 2014 beat the incumbent.

Fact: 350 people in a representative's district of 160,000 is about 1 in 450.

Fact: If a person sets aside $25 a month, they'll save $300 in a year. If 350 do this, it raises over $100K.

That's how this happens. That beats Straus' money from the Leadership Fund. That's what Dave Brat used to defeat Eric...
Network for Liberty
Regardless of party, if you're for smaller government, let's work together.

If you live near Dickinson/League City/Alvin, I know that there are a number of us interested in growing our numbers.

Toward that end, let me know your willingness and your availability and I'll work to coordinate a couple of informal get-togethers over coffee/lunch to see what works for everyone....
Postcards Finally

They're in - the 5,000 postcards I ordered to walk throughout my community. If you live near Dickinson and want to help get these to every house in the next six months, let me know.

I challenge every grassroots group in the state to make a similar commitment to reach out door-to-door to everyone in your community before summer is over. You need more people to get behind the right candidates this fall.

Also, to candidates - I chal...
Speaking Schedule
For what it's worth, my upcoming speaking schedule:

January 27 - Burleson, Texas
February 10 - San Angelo, Texas
February 12 - Cisco, Texas
April 16-ish - Cypress, Texas...
The Long View
The Texas primary is March 8, 2016. That is just over 14 months away.

Every grassroots leader in the state of Texas needs to be encouraging their people to set aside money every month to give to good candidates later. If there are 50 people in the group, then they ought to have a goal of doubling their numbers in the next six months and raising $300 per person. Everything we do must either bring more people or more money - or better yet, both.

And every person thinking about running for election needs to make that decision and get organizing for victory right now. The incumbent i...
Texas Needs a Conservative News Outlet

You're concerned about the media, right? These days, the media's chief job is humping Obama's leg, which is not good for Texas or America.

One conservative news site, started by Michelle Malkin and then sold to a "conservative" outfit, is Last year and this year, they released their top ten trafficked stories of the year, and thankfully they also released the page views with each story. So I whipped me up a little spreadshee...
Postcards Coming

I got my shipping confirmation today on the 5,000 postcards I ordered for my local door knocking campaign. They'll be here in a week.

It only cost me $185 to have them printed and shipped.

It doesn't cost much to fight for freedom. Gather those you know around you and get started. I'll help you with the graphics if you want to order postcards of your own for your area.

The 2016 primary is already underway, and the incumbents...
Save Money Save Texas

Don't let people pretend to love Texas. Save money, save Texas. It's that simple....
Great Event
A big thank you to Ed Stein and Amy Shevokas Hedtke for the introduction and invitation to come speak in Wichita Falls this evening. I met fantastic people who I know will do good things in the coming year.

This is also the fourth or fifth time that I've given a variation of this particular presentation: "How to Create a Revolution." As I give it, the acceptance of the idea of setting aside money monthly is pretty universal. That's a good thing, but us humans don't always follow through, so it's important that an organizer step forward from each group to follow up with everyone and ensu...
Save Money, Save Texas

Put your money where your mouth and heart are. Save money, save Texas....
By the way, in my career I've done a lot of strategy consulting for businesses and non-profits. If you follow me, you know how I approach things.

I was just asked for some marketing advice by a grassroots group here in Texas, and it looks like I'll be working with their group in the middle of January.

I'd be happy to facilitate a discussion with any group toward generating more turnout and more activism. I don't charge for it. We're all in this together, and having a free-flowing discussion toward becoming more effective and attractive is always beneficial.

If you want me ...
See You Soon?
Reminder: I'll be speaking in Wichita Falls at the Red River Harley Davidson at 7 PM this Thursday, Dec 18th.

If you're nearby and you'd like to attend, it'd be great to see you :)...
Local Push

This is the first draft of the push card I've created to hand out locally in an effort to bring my community together as much as possible to elect the right people.


I'll order 5,000 of them when I have it right and then a growing team of us will start going door-to-door in January to reach everyone within 6 months....
Develop the Right Habit

The more people who commit to this new habit, the more likely that we won't be disappointed later.

It's up to us to find and fund the right challengers....
Find and Fund

Tired of your representative betraying you?

Find and fund the right challenger. Anything less than that is supporting your representative by inaction.

Is your representative lying to you?

Find and fund the right challenger. Anything less than that is support for the incu...
Give to Get the Roght Rep
It's primary season!

The incumbents are already well underway funding and staffing their campaigns.

You are the only ones who can elect the right people, so set aside money monthly and talk to everyone you know and get them to do the same....
Knock Knock
Over twenty pamphlet packages sent out in two days.

Working next on business cards to hand out in a door-to-door campaign throughout my community where I live. In six months, I aim to have every door knocked upon and at least 350 people squirreling away money to support good candidates next fall.

I will fight and fight hard until I have all the freedom my family and I can stand....
Have a Button

The buttons came today. I'll be taking those and the pamphlets to the Granbury event tomorrow night. For everyone who commits to setting aside money every month to support good candidates later, I'll give them a button.

And if you are currently doing this and want a button, just give me your address and I'll send you one....
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