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Who to Primary
Once again, regardless of what happens in the speaker race today, you will have a better idea who to primary.

#FindAndFund the challengers....
Exit - Stage Left
Cold Fries for You
Get Rid of the Cabal
I looked it up. Congressman Randy Weber was in fact a sponsor.

More reasons to get rid of Boehner and to primary those who support him....
Vote Louie

Is your Representative still on the fence?...
Passionate Base
Gohmert, Bridenstine, Massie, Brat, Yoho, Gosar, and King. That's seven.

Also, I just looked at the Fire Boehner feed also known as Never seen it so monolithic in an issue. The base is incredibly passionate about this....
No Vote for Boehner
I think this is going to happen.
No Labels
The moderates for bigger government are getting more organized. "No Labels" is John Huntsman's group. His director for the group is a former Clinton staffer, Nancy Jacobson.

I post their monthly report below because the grassroots in Texas needs to be at least this organized, and while it's slowly coming together, it's not as cohesive and targeted as this fledgling group - which is one of many working for influence in DC. We have a lot of work ahead. We don't have time to wait.

Their report:

I wanted to give a progress report on our work this past month:

National S...
You're My Hero
I don't have any political heroes except for those of you who are saving $25 a month to help the right candidates get into office. You're my political heroes.

Politicians? When I have more liberty as a result of their actions, I'll nod in their direction, but I know that politics is power and that power corrupts and that it's only a matter of time before they lose their bearing because they are frail human beings like the rest of us.

Be careful with people who adopt political heroes. They tend to adopt a scorched earth policy when you don't like their political hero.

Gohmert for Speaker
It's about damn time.
Voting for Speaker Defines You
What's wrong with the Republican party?

You need look no further than this: 60% of Republicans want Boehner out as speaker and TWO - count 'em, and not of them from Texas - just two Republican Congressmen side with the majority of Republican voters....
C'mon Texas
Hmm... my jealousy mounts.

Kentucky's Congressman Thomas Massie comes out against Boehner as well.

Texas Reps? Crickets....
The only disappointment about Congressman Jim Bridenstine coming out against Boehner is that it took a representative from Oklahoma to do this, and not someone from Texas.

But if any of the representatives from Texas feel like channeling their inner William Barret Travis to fight the right fight, then please... do the right thing - and quickly....
Is there a list of suspicious groups in Texas, such as Texas Alliance for Life and Texas Association of Business?...
In It For the Money
Someone asked whether I thought Marco Rubio would run for President or Senate.

It depends on which direction allows him to create the bigger mailing list that he can rent out afterward....
Merry Christmas from the Rogers

Merry Christmas from the Rogers...
Stupid, Stupid
Here's the script:

Obama: Today, I'm announcing something that shocks everyone.
GOP: He can't do that.
Obama: Try and stop me.
GOP: We'll file a lawsuit.
Obama: Now fund what I've done.
GOP: Gosh - we can't have a government shutdown. Okay, we funded it.

It's at the point that you get tired of this script that you start saving your money and talking to at least one person you know every month. You do this to replace weak-kneed representatives with solid challengers.

You do it because, as a Texan, you're fed up with this one-man circus....

Every grassroots group should do this. This was a fun thing we did back in Iowa, and it's an easy way to help the communities in which we live....
Dumb Joe
Given the very public and last minute change by Joe Arpaio to withdraw his support for Katrina Pierson and give it instead to Pete Sessions in the Republican primary earlier this year, this headline is rich. Ol' Joe made this move because of illegal immigration issues. He said at the time:

"I was told by Ms. Pierson and her supporters that Pete Sessions was in favor of weakening our nation's immigration system and was a supporter of amnesty. I've since found out that couldn't be further from the truth," Arpaio said in a written statement the Sessions campaign planned to release later to...
Caving and Colluding

Many people told me a month ago that I had to vote for Republicans like John Cornyn because we had to hold the Senate. Except that today we see the DC Republicans busily caving to everything and colluding with everyone in DC.


Well, not really. In the most telegraphed move ever, the elite Republicans couldn't care less about you and they continue to embrace big government. Just as they've always done and will always do....
Do Both

A word of caution: I hear more passion to replace the Republicans who support Straus than passion to replace the Democrats who support Straus.

Do the math. If you don't replace the Democrats who support Straus, you won't have the numbers. Your first priority target ought to be the Dems. There's no reason you can't replace all Democrats and Republicans who support Straus, but you accomplish far more for Texas legislatively by replacing ...
Serious Disconnect
Last night, I had the privilege of speaking at the 912 Project Fort Worth, Texas meeting. Maggie, Georgia, Amy, Kent, and many others were there. (My lovely Patti went with me and did most of the 10 hours of driving so I could work as we drove - thank you, sweet woman.)

Pretty much everyone there was open and willing to start setting aside money monthly to help a good candidate later win election to represent us.

Craig Goldman, a state rep, was there, and his Q&A with the voters was the most interesting.

There wasn't a person there who wants Joe Straus to remain speaker. C...
Go to Jail
The lawbreaker-in-chief leads his troops into war tonight.

Hopefully he leads them all into jail....
Obamacare Hurts Families
Got in a FB spat over Obamacare. An Obama voter proudly outed himself. I lit into him.

I'm a nice guy. I'm well-known for being a nice guy.

But when your ignorant vote hurts my family and you're stupid enough to continue defending your ignorant vote in the face of millions of people losing their health insurance and having to spend two to three times more than they did, I'm not a nice guy. Nobody messes with my family.

Don't like my words? That's too damn bad. Stop hurting families like mine.

Occasionally my tone is "not nice." That's why. Viva freedom of speech....
Follow the Bucks
Have you heard about this?
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